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Hi! I'm Lois Zehr.


I’ve been successfully coaching clients  throughout the world and facilitating their personal growth since 2010. Using online technology I coach you in the privacy and comfort of your own home to expand your heart and grow your potential in all facets of life. I coach you to quickly identify and release negative emotions, feelings and beliefs from everyday life and hurtful experiences that have wounded your heart and limit your life. You will learn to replace them with transformative empowering ones. 

My coaching will help you heal your heart so you have capacity to actually enjoy life and have the self-worth and self-confidence necessary to fly higher and live fuller.  Accomplishing those dreams that you may have given up on will be the natural outflow of your healed heart.

Are you on a plateau? Does it feel like you keep hitting invisible boundaries when you try to grow? Then it is time to expand your heart and grow your potential. My coaching will guide you to  grow into your potential and expand it. The outflow will be improved health, increased income, business growth and stronger relationships -- expansion in every area of your life you are willing to move boundaries on.


If you are ready to explore doing life and business from the spiritual dimension and to experience a new level of empowerment, provision and possibilities; it is my passion and joy to integrate the divine perspective into your coaching sessions. 


What if you knew healing and expanding your heart would make a difference in all areas of your life, would you be willing to take action? You are worth the investment. Start today to transform your normal – tomorrow you will be glad you did!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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