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Move Forward with Coaching

  • Gain confidence and clarity

  • Set yourself in motion with less effort and more peace and joy

  • Learn to feel safe and secure and sleep better after releasing disempowering energy!

  • Stop negotiating your worth and value in exchange for people-pleasing and busyness.

  • Stop allowing people’s opinions to control, influence and make you feel less than.

  • Dream again, feel inspired, thrive and find courage to step forward to create the new you desire.

  • Learn practical spirituality and experience intimacy with God if you are seeking.

Three Special Offers for You!

Fly Again –Premium Coaching Package

Valid for 6 months

Cost $5997

Use Coupon: Less1000

Pay $4997

A comprehensive step by step 

6-month tailored-to-you package to fast-track your journey to release the old and create the new that you are longing for.

  • 60-90 minute private coaching up to four times per month as desired for 6 months.

  • Access to group classes or group coaching sessions  running during your coaching package.

  • Exchange up to 6 coaching sessions for Spiritual Direction,  Enneagram coaching sessions or Enneagram assessment or add for $150 per session during the course of your 6 month package.

  • Text access to coach during normal business hours should you need additional support.

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Fly Again –Standard Coaching Package

Valid for 3 months

Cost $1597

Use Coupon: Less500

Pay $1097

An introductory step by step 

3-month tailored-to-you package to support your journey to release the old and create the new that you are longing for.

  • 60-90 minute private coaching up to twice per month for 3 months as needed.

  • Access to group classes or group coaching sessions that are running during your coaching package.

  • Add Spiritual Direction and Enneagram assessment and coaching for $150 per session during your 3 month package.



Energy Healing

 Single Session

Valid for One Session

Cost $334

Use Coupon: Less136

Pay $197

A powerful  tailored-to-you session to release old emotional energy that has been weighing you down and make space for the new that you are longing for .

  • One 60-90 minute private coaching session.

  • Attend to what's most important to you right now. (If you are unsure what that is, we will figure it out together.)

  • Take a huge step forward and leave with more confidence, clarity and actionable steps to make permanent the progress you make in the session.

  • Bonus - you may discover some self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and creating invisible boundaries around you.

Time Limited Offers

Follow instructions below so you don't miss out.

1. Choose the option that best suits you and grab the coupon code

2. Click on the  Get Started Now button.

3. Fill out your information.

4. Add the appropriate Coupon code.

5. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

L. Metcalf


“I really appreciated the different way Lois uncovered some trapped old beliefs in this coaching session and I like how we created some
new beliefs too."

S. Greiner


It was a comfortable & very helpful session. The wisdom offered & the breakthrough that happened for me was only affirmed the following two days when I attended our Church Ladies thanks for the breakthrough you,
Lois, initiated.

S. Dawn


"This session was super powerful on implementing many strategies to clear any trauma and self-limiting thoughts."

C. Harrill


“I felt connected and that weights were being lifted off me.”

You've connected to me for a reason.

Now is the best time to move forward.

Get registered for some coaching today.

N. Ryan


The session was EXCELLENT as Lois excelled at getting 'right to the heart' of the issues I am dealing with.....I have never experienced 'so much progress in such a short time'.  She was able to identify root issues in one session. Thank you Lois! Thank you Holy Spirit!

M. Davenport


Lois is kind and compassionate. One interaction with her and you will feel it! It is quite obvious that she is deeply connected to God and genuinely wants to help others heal.

J. Billings


I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I felt the presence of God while working with Lois.  True Blessing. What a moving session I had with Lois.
She is amazing!

H. McNeil


I was very engaged and felt understood. Interesting that Lois was able to read me over Zoom - it was incredible. Some of the things you picked up on were not even on my radar, but when you spoke it out loud and I had time to think about it, it resonated with me.
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