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Meditation TOols

More than just mindfulness –

Relax Your Body, Refresh Your Soul,

Create Your Life by Directing Your Heart, Connect with the Divine


Meditation has huge benefits for your whole being. It can help you relax your body and settle your mind. This allows creativity to flow and healing to take place in your body. Meditation can help you tap in to the quantum world and the invisible realm of your heart where you can shift your inner reality and cause change to manifest in your outer world. 

You are the creator of your life whether you realize it or not or agree with it or not. Your life if full of choices and at the end of the day the end result of your compounded choices will be the quality of life you live. Most people make choices unconsciously not realizing  they have the right to consciously choose something different than they have. They don't know how to envision and create and change their end outcome intentionally beginning in their heart. Meditation is one way we do this.


There are different types of meditation and different ways to meditate. If you want to get the ultimate experience when you meditate I recommend Heart Physics by Dr. Jim Richards. He holds degrees in theology, human behaviour and medicine. Over the years I have benefitted greatly from his materials.  He has developed guided meditation exercises that will support you to relax your body, refresh your soul, create your life by directing your heart and intimately connect with God to experience abundant living.

Essential Heart Physics – A Great Place to Start

Where do you go when you want to learn to meditate, be still and recognize the voice of your heart. Essential Heart physics is the first of many programs by Dr. Jim Richards that I recommend to develop yourself holistically.

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Meet the Divine

Maybe you have never met God yourself and maybe you don't want to because of all the bad impressions and feelings you have about him. Religion has done all of us a disservice by telling us God is someone he really is not! He is not mean and angry and waiting to catch you doing wrong so he can punish you. And he is certainly not waiting for you to get your act together to earn status with him.  In fact, you probably have no idea what he is really like nor how valuable you are to him just as you are. You may be totally unaware that he sees you as precious and he holds you in such high regard. He deeply longs for you to recognize him for who he really is and experience how he feels about you. He wants you to allow him to love on you, care for you as a true good, kind Father. 


Your heart is the place you can meet God. He invites you to engage with him and get to know him. There is nothing better than waking up and going to bed feeling fully known with all your imperfections yet still feeling safe, fully loved and accepted, protected and cared for by God. All of a sudden you are no longer walking through life alone or carrying the weight of all of life's challenges on your own shoulders all by yourself. 


An amazing thing happens when you begin to believe God in your heart and spend time with him there. You start to know and experience him for who he says he is. You also begin to believe what he says about you – you begin to see and know yourself differently. Your own self-image, self-worth and self-confidence begin to transform.

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