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Hi! I'm Lois.

I am an energetic learner who loves empowering others with the wisdom I have grown into. I am a happily married wife to my husband and soulmate of 34 years. I am a mom of 3 dynamic adult children and a big dog lover. Canadian by birth, I spent 10 years of my childhood in the wonderful country of Brazil. After being given a diagnosis in my late teens with an incurable immunological disorder that would hamper normal living and limit possibilities, I made the choice to not allow it to define me nor what I would do with my life.

I became a successful business administrator who joyfully gave it up to be a full-time mom. I was consultant coach to my husband as he built his business. Together we founded and led a grassroots faith community for 9 years and co-founded a charity that supports children, education and health care in Africa.


Amidst it all, I found myself stressed out, burnt out and exhausted. I was addicted to busyness. My relationships were crumbling. And I could see value only in the things I checked off on my to-do list.

Life had to change

I immersed myself in a journey of deep learning that has allowed me to access invisible resources I didn’t know existed. I learned practical spirituality and practical "tools" that really make a difference in everyday life: peace in the midst of stress and raging uncertainty, the ability to be fully present and enjoy the moments even when the demands seem too heavy. I’m learning to live with hope, confidence and connectedness, free from the influence and power of unresolved emotional baggage.


Today I draw from the wisdom, learning and research of many mentors to coach people like yourself to heal their heart, live in harmony with their true identity and find freedom, purpose and joy in life. I have an advanced Life Coaching Certification and many years of conscious holistic living integrating – body, brain, soul, heart and spirit and connectedness to the divine.

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